Making Pizza With Nana

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Yes, I know... this is from MARCH!  I'm trying to get caught up.  Felt like crap for so long, didn't want to do ANYTHING, let alone sit in front of the computer.  So let's get caught up.

Nana is so patient with my little helper that watched carefully for Nana to even step foot in the kitchen, hoping to get to help her with whatever it was she might be making.  Even when Nana just went in the kitchen for water, Lo was right at her feet asking if she could help.  She got her chance to do some "real" cooking when Nana made us homemade pizza.

Nana didn't even have the beater on yet, but she was pretty sure she wouldn't like it and was plugging her ears.   

The best part!  Kneading!

Roll it and roll it. Pat it.  Mark it with an L, and...

PUT IT IN THE OVEN!  Her first ever pizza!  We love you Nana!  Thank you for giving Lo so many good memories!


wild child said...

Okay this just might be my favorite post EVER. So, so, so, so, PRECIOUS!!! As Nana herself might say, it's gonna break the Precious Meter!

The serious look on Lo's face - how hard she is concentrating and so intent to help - is just too sweet for words. I LOVE IT! And her patting the dough almost did me in :)

And look at the pizza! AWESOME! Way to go Lo!!!!!!

Meg :)