Taking Out a Bush

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We have a small yard, which after having the BIGGEST backyard at our last house, this was a welcome thing.  I forgot to get a before pic, but this giant bush was taking over a whole section of our yard.  We had to cut it in half to just be able to use our side walk.  It was time for the other annoying Bush to go.  Here are some pics: 

She dug the WHOLE thing up herself... daddy may have helped a little bit.

This is the giant bush we moved to our RV pad until we loaded it up in the truck, had no idea it was a refuge for about 50-60 snails.  Lo and I saved as many as we could and moved them to a new location.

Not sure if you can see them in there, but there were a TON of them in this grass patch... aka, their new home.

It's not a day unless Lo is posing with Tully at least once.


wild child said...

LOVE Lo posing with Tully :) Can't even talk about snails.............. way to go w/ the bush removal tho :)

Meg xoxoxo