More On Our Trip To Utah

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When we were up North, we went to the most ghetto Chuck E. Cheese imitation.  Lorelai would never know the difference, she had a BLAST!  

I had to put this one in just because I am lucky enough to have such a pretty girl!  :)
Testing her strength... gRRR

Hungry hungry hippos was by far her favorite game.  She must have played Nana 15 times and won all 15!

Can't you see the excitement on this one?  haaha... might have been a little young for her.

Ok, Nana is going to kill me for putting this one up, but I had to because it was by far the funniest thing I have ever seen.  Nana was the only one daring enough to ride on this ride with Lo.  You have to understand this place was GROSS! There was dirt and muck ground into the gates around the rides.  The kids running the equipment were no more than 16.  It was bad, I'm not even sure why I let my kid ride on it, let alone my mother!!  I need to find the video because the video is pretty humorous.   Lorelai had a blast, not so sure Nana did... but boy, I'm positive I won't see anything as funny as that again.


wild child said...

Don't you dare take these out even though Shell tried to make you!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!