4th of July

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Ya, ya... 4th of July was months 3 months ago almost. It's catch up time!

We had a nice quiet 4th of July at home with just a few friends. We made some crafts, Lo ran through sprinklers, we ate some AWESOME food and did a few small fireworks.

Lo and Lucy thought the fire crackers were a little too loud, I love this pic!

Lo loved the sparklers! This is the first year that she really knew what was going on, so it was by far the most fun 4th we've had.

Poor Lucy had an ear infection and was NOT feeling well. Lorelai was so determined to spend time with her friend that she laid inside and watched shows with her. It was so cute to see them cuddled up together!

Lo and Fiona all cuddled up together. Fiona is so cute with the kids, Lorelai always has a blast when she's around!

There was our 4th! Hard to believe next year we will have a little one crawling around!