Zoo Trip with Nana

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I wish there was a way to show how cool the penguin tank was. It was awesome to see them swimming all over from the top and underneath water!

haha, I had to take this pic!
Lorelai is so in love with animals, particularly hippos, rhinos, giraffes and zebras. She saw this giant hippo and freaked out. She totally ended up with her foot stuck in mud, but I had to let her do it.
Here's my little giraffe with the giraffes. She met her most idolized animal, it was such a great moment. They let you feed the giraffe for $5 but the line was SO long and we eventually gave up. I will have to take her back on a weekday and try again.
No zoo trip is complete without a carousel ride!

My mom tried to surprise me for my baby shower, I ended up finding out, but I was just as happy as I would have if I had been surprised. I couldn't believe she was coming just for the shower. Ahh, it was a breath of fresh air! While she was here, we went to the Woodland Park zoo. I haven't been to that zoo yet, so it was fun to experience it for the first time with Nana.