The Wiggles

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We took Lo to the Wiggles in July. This was our second visit. The first time was at the Tacoma Dome but this time it was at the Everett Event Center. This was particularly confusing to Lorelai because she was convinced the Wiggles lived at the Tacoma Dome and couldn't understand why they were somewhere else. :)

Here was Lo in her giraffe ears and tails with her roses for Dorothy. She went through a phase where she wouldn't go anywhere without her ears and tail on. While we were in line, a mean little girl said "hey girl, why are you wearing those ears and tail?" This really hurt Lo's feelings and she took them off and wouldn't put them on again for the rest of the day. It was so sad, that the second I saw a Dorothy the Dinosaur tail for sale, I knew I had to get it for her and sure enough, that made her feel lots better and the tail came back!!

So excited with anticipation! We were there SO early, but it gave Lorelai lots of time to get out her jitters before the show.
I was very upset because I spent lots of extra money... $42 a ticket to be exact, to be in the front. Turns out they had another tier up that they didn't advertise on the floor. You had to call and specifically ask to be on the floor. I couldn't believe I spent that much money for no reason at all. This is my grumpy face without bumming everyone out.
My goofy family on a sugar high from cotton candy.
She CRASHED the second we got to the car. Way too much stimulation! But what a fun day. I am so grateful for the days we get to do activities like this together. Ty doesn't get a whole lot of free time away, so we count our blessings when we finally get some time!!