Whaling Days Parade

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July 25th we went to the Whaling Days Parade in Silverdale. It was seriously 90 degrees that day and being pregnant, it was not the best situation ever. Um, not to mention this parade lasted 2 and a half hours... no joke. Lorelai loved every second of it and that's what counts right? Luckily, my wonderful husband went to Sears and bought me a camp chair so I didn't have to suffer on the ground.

Ty's sister and my neice, Addison, came too. She slept right on through the entire parade except for a few moments we got to play with her.
Waiting for the parade to begin.
Honorary fire kid!
Her poor heat face, luckily I remembered sunscreen so she didn't burn to a crisp, but we were all a little heat stricken by the end.