The Baby Shower!

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My baby shower was so amazingly fun. The games were so incredibly fun. We were put in pairs and had to match up little tiny baby socks. I was pretty confident since I'm pretty sure Lorelai has never owned 2 pairs of socks that were the same... we did good, but Laura and Kim still beat us. They were the hosts, so I got the prize anyway. :)
The next game was pairing up and feeding each other an entire jar of baby food. Whoever got through the jar the quickest won. This is Nancy's face after tasting her baby food. I made it through one bite and ended up dry heaving in the bathroom. It was mac and cheese flavored apparently but I have a very weak gag reflux while I am pregnant... so it did NOT go well.
I will never forget how funny it was watching everyone else eat this disgusting baby food. This was the best baby shower game that I will reuse for anyone I get to throw a shower for in the future... beware!
There was also a purse treasure hunt. I have EVERYTHING in my purse, but I just barely had cleaned it out and lost at this game too. Laura really did have everything... EVERYTHING! haha
I want to put up the picture of my cake, but it was a little on the racy side so I will refrain. Let's just say it had a barbie giving birth on it. That's why I love my friends, such a great sense of humor.

Thanks girls! I love you!