Grandparents Weekend!

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Ty's grandparents came for a visit at the beginning of August. They haven't seen Lorelai in a long time and it was their first meeting with Addison. What a fun visit we had with them!

We went to the Port Townsend airport cafe for breakfast, this day Lo was a zebra and not a giraffe. She likes to change it up occasionally.

Lorelai loves it when she finds new people who think she is amazing and cute. She turns "on" and performs a show the whole time. It's so cute.
She definitely found a friend in Grandpa.
Someday she will look back and wonder why I let her leave the house in zebra ears... haha. I will always crack up looking back at this phase.
We went to the beach in Port Townsend and it was COLD that day, but that definitely has never and will never stop Lo from jumping right on in. She would go all the way up to her chest and freak Grandma out. Grandma Jeanne has a fear of water and to see Lo so comfortable seriously was giving her heart palpitations. There were a few times I made Ty go in after her too... she really has no fear!
Some new glasses Grandma Jeanne got her
I LOVE seeing her with Ty's dad. They are like 2 peas in a pod, seriously the best of friends. She looks up to him and adores him so much. She wants to be just like Grandpa when she grows up.
They have so much fun together, Grandpa is not afraid to give into his inner 3 year old and play right on her level. She is so lucky to have him in her life.
Lorelai wanted me to bury her. When I got done, she was so excited! It very quickly turned to panic when she realized she couldn't move.
And there's the panic. haha. Don't worry, I didn't make her suffer for long. :)