The Baby Shower!

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My baby shower was so amazingly fun. The games were so incredibly fun. We were put in pairs and had to match up little tiny baby socks. I was pretty confident since I'm pretty sure Lorelai has never owned 2 pairs of socks that were the same... we did good, but Laura and Kim still beat us. They were the hosts, so I got the prize anyway. :)
The next game was pairing up and feeding each other an entire jar of baby food. Whoever got through the jar the quickest won. This is Nancy's face after tasting her baby food. I made it through one bite and ended up dry heaving in the bathroom. It was mac and cheese flavored apparently but I have a very weak gag reflux while I am pregnant... so it did NOT go well.
I will never forget how funny it was watching everyone else eat this disgusting baby food. This was the best baby shower game that I will reuse for anyone I get to throw a shower for in the future... beware!
There was also a purse treasure hunt. I have EVERYTHING in my purse, but I just barely had cleaned it out and lost at this game too. Laura really did have everything... EVERYTHING! haha
I want to put up the picture of my cake, but it was a little on the racy side so I will refrain. Let's just say it had a barbie giving birth on it. That's why I love my friends, such a great sense of humor.

Thanks girls! I love you!

Zoo Trip with Nana

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I wish there was a way to show how cool the penguin tank was. It was awesome to see them swimming all over from the top and underneath water!

haha, I had to take this pic!
Lorelai is so in love with animals, particularly hippos, rhinos, giraffes and zebras. She saw this giant hippo and freaked out. She totally ended up with her foot stuck in mud, but I had to let her do it.
Here's my little giraffe with the giraffes. She met her most idolized animal, it was such a great moment. They let you feed the giraffe for $5 but the line was SO long and we eventually gave up. I will have to take her back on a weekday and try again.
No zoo trip is complete without a carousel ride!

My mom tried to surprise me for my baby shower, I ended up finding out, but I was just as happy as I would have if I had been surprised. I couldn't believe she was coming just for the shower. Ahh, it was a breath of fresh air! While she was here, we went to the Woodland Park zoo. I haven't been to that zoo yet, so it was fun to experience it for the first time with Nana.

Painting Lo's Big Girl Room

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We've been finishing the basement in order to give the girls their own rooms. We decided to move Lorelai downstairs since I'll be up with the baby at night, so better to keep her on the same level as the master bedroom. We have included Lorelai in on every decision with her room to make it an easier transition for her. That includes paint color, she chose orange. We only did one wall the darker orange and the other 3 a lighter version. Lorelai wanted to help, so I gave her a paintbrush and let her at it! Of course she drew pictures. :) The picture on the far right is of me with Mabel in my belly, such a great picture! I was sad to cover it up!

She wasn't too much help, but she felt great about helping!

Grandparents Weekend!

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Ty's grandparents came for a visit at the beginning of August. They haven't seen Lorelai in a long time and it was their first meeting with Addison. What a fun visit we had with them!

We went to the Port Townsend airport cafe for breakfast, this day Lo was a zebra and not a giraffe. She likes to change it up occasionally.

Lorelai loves it when she finds new people who think she is amazing and cute. She turns "on" and performs a show the whole time. It's so cute.
She definitely found a friend in Grandpa.
Someday she will look back and wonder why I let her leave the house in zebra ears... haha. I will always crack up looking back at this phase.
We went to the beach in Port Townsend and it was COLD that day, but that definitely has never and will never stop Lo from jumping right on in. She would go all the way up to her chest and freak Grandma out. Grandma Jeanne has a fear of water and to see Lo so comfortable seriously was giving her heart palpitations. There were a few times I made Ty go in after her too... she really has no fear!
Some new glasses Grandma Jeanne got her
I LOVE seeing her with Ty's dad. They are like 2 peas in a pod, seriously the best of friends. She looks up to him and adores him so much. She wants to be just like Grandpa when she grows up.
They have so much fun together, Grandpa is not afraid to give into his inner 3 year old and play right on her level. She is so lucky to have him in her life.
Lorelai wanted me to bury her. When I got done, she was so excited! It very quickly turned to panic when she realized she couldn't move.
And there's the panic. haha. Don't worry, I didn't make her suffer for long. :)

Whaling Days Parade

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July 25th we went to the Whaling Days Parade in Silverdale. It was seriously 90 degrees that day and being pregnant, it was not the best situation ever. Um, not to mention this parade lasted 2 and a half hours... no joke. Lorelai loved every second of it and that's what counts right? Luckily, my wonderful husband went to Sears and bought me a camp chair so I didn't have to suffer on the ground.

Ty's sister and my neice, Addison, came too. She slept right on through the entire parade except for a few moments we got to play with her.
Waiting for the parade to begin.
Honorary fire kid!
Her poor heat face, luckily I remembered sunscreen so she didn't burn to a crisp, but we were all a little heat stricken by the end.

A Whip Cream Party!

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During chemo and radiation, Gramma's throat got really sore and she was having a hard time swallowing. She really found comfort in cold things, so I would bring her a blended mocha here and there. One particular day Lorelai wanted to give Gramma her drink, it had tons of whip cream on it and Lo wanted to stick her finger in that whip cream so badly, but she refrained the whole time and was so proud of herself when she gave it to Gramma with no finger dips. Gramma decided to reward her with a whip cream party. She brought over a chocolate cake and COVERED it with whip cream and let Lo go at it. It was so fun and the best treat for Lo ever!

We are so lucky to have Gramma so close to give us memories like this!

The Wiggles

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We took Lo to the Wiggles in July. This was our second visit. The first time was at the Tacoma Dome but this time it was at the Everett Event Center. This was particularly confusing to Lorelai because she was convinced the Wiggles lived at the Tacoma Dome and couldn't understand why they were somewhere else. :)

Here was Lo in her giraffe ears and tails with her roses for Dorothy. She went through a phase where she wouldn't go anywhere without her ears and tail on. While we were in line, a mean little girl said "hey girl, why are you wearing those ears and tail?" This really hurt Lo's feelings and she took them off and wouldn't put them on again for the rest of the day. It was so sad, that the second I saw a Dorothy the Dinosaur tail for sale, I knew I had to get it for her and sure enough, that made her feel lots better and the tail came back!!

So excited with anticipation! We were there SO early, but it gave Lorelai lots of time to get out her jitters before the show.
I was very upset because I spent lots of extra money... $42 a ticket to be exact, to be in the front. Turns out they had another tier up that they didn't advertise on the floor. You had to call and specifically ask to be on the floor. I couldn't believe I spent that much money for no reason at all. This is my grumpy face without bumming everyone out.
My goofy family on a sugar high from cotton candy.
She CRASHED the second we got to the car. Way too much stimulation! But what a fun day. I am so grateful for the days we get to do activities like this together. Ty doesn't get a whole lot of free time away, so we count our blessings when we finally get some time!!

4th of July

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Ya, ya... 4th of July was months 3 months ago almost. It's catch up time!

We had a nice quiet 4th of July at home with just a few friends. We made some crafts, Lo ran through sprinklers, we ate some AWESOME food and did a few small fireworks.

Lo and Lucy thought the fire crackers were a little too loud, I love this pic!

Lo loved the sparklers! This is the first year that she really knew what was going on, so it was by far the most fun 4th we've had.

Poor Lucy had an ear infection and was NOT feeling well. Lorelai was so determined to spend time with her friend that she laid inside and watched shows with her. It was so cute to see them cuddled up together!

Lo and Fiona all cuddled up together. Fiona is so cute with the kids, Lorelai always has a blast when she's around!

There was our 4th! Hard to believe next year we will have a little one crawling around!